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Protecting Your Privacy

PostCity Financial Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously. Take a moment to review our privacy policy.

Top Tips to Protect Your Privacy

Privacy is an increasingly rare commodity these days. That’s because your personal information is worth a lot of money to legitimate businesses and criminals alike. Take these simple steps to protect your valuable personal information.

  • Don’t fill out your social media profile. Take a look at your social media profiles and keep them barren—the people who need to know your birth date, email address and phone number already have them.
  • Only share your Social Security number when it’s absolutely necessary. Think twice about sharing your Social Security number with anyone, unless you initiated the contact and it’s your financial institution, a credit bureau, a company that wants to do a background check on you or an entity that has to report to the IRS.
  • Protect your laptop, tablet and Smartphone. Use passcodes on your laptop, tablet and Smartphone. Use a passcode to access your devices every time you use them and consider installing an app that will locate your phone or tablet, if it’s lost or stolen, as well as lock it or wipe it clean of any data. And, make sure your computers and mobile devices are loaded with antimalware apps and software, too.
  • Turn "on" private browsing. Enable private browsing, which is a setting available in each major Web browser.
  • Use an app to create and manage your passwords. There are apps that will not only remember all your passwords, but will generate super-strong unique ones, and automatically fill them into login fields with the click of a button.
  • Keep your social network activity private. Check social network site settings and make sure only friends can see what you’re doing.
  • Don’t give your zip code when making credit card purchases. Often stores will ask for your zip code when you’re paying with a credit card. Don’t give it to them, unless you want to donate your details to their marketing database. By matching your name, taken from your credit card, with your zip code, companies can more easily data mine information about you.

PostCity Online Banking Security

Any information you submit through Online Banking is encrypted using 128-bit SSL technology, the current standard for financial institutions nationwide. Even if the information you submit is intercepted by a third party, it is scrambled and very difficult to decode.

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